Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls

There must be something (like cinnamon or cloves) in the air.

Today, when I arrived at work, 3 separate people (who all swear that they did not collude), spontaneously arrived with batches of home-made cinnamon rolls to share.

I am not complaining mind you!

And then, a co-worker said that his son called and asked how to make cinnamon rolls and they haven't had them for over a year!

Coincidence, I think not. ;-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How Bishops are Chosen

This is a conversation that Sarah had with our kids that we thought you would like to hear.

Sarah was reading the news online and there was a picture of Barack Obama on the front page. Katherine asked why his picture was on the news. She told her that he was about to become the next president. She got all upset and said, "So, my friend isn't going to be bishop anymore? But he gives me candy!" So, she told her that Barack Obama was going to be president of our country, not the bishop of our ward. And Katherine said, "I know, the OTHER guy is going to be bishop." So, Sarah said, "you mean John McCain?" And she said, "Yeah. (in a tone that said, 'Obviously Mom')" So Sarah asked her, "Is that what you get when you don't win the presidential election, you get to be bishop?" And she said, "Yeah (same tone)" And then John said, "maybe first councellor."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Great Book

Sarah just keeps churning out these books at a rate that you would think the quality would decrease.

But NO! She is a machine. :-)

Here latest is a joy to read.

Check it out here (

All of Sarah's Books on Amazon

Sarah has re-published all of her previously-published books on

They are cheaper there.

Check them out here

Sarah's New Book - My Favorite So Far

My beautiful and authorily-blessed wife Sarah has published her book on

It isn't the first book she has published (she published quite a few on previously), but we are both excited about this one being published on Amazon because of the huge user base that Amazon has.

This last book; called, "The Price Paid" is a Ghost Story/Romance set in Whales during the Recency Era.

It is my favorite of her books so far! She has written some excellent books before, but I like this one the best because it is so hard to figure out the ending. Anyone who has read a couple of romance books (I don't read a lot of them mind you, actually just Sarah's, but she does read a lot of the clean ones and she has given me the lowdown) knows that the plot is basically the same in all of them. Two people meet, their is something that comes between them, that something is resolved and then they are united and there is a happy ending. I love the plot line. Happy endings are my thing. But this one has such a perplexing twist that you have a really hard time figuring out the end.

Highly Recommended.

Check it out here. The Price Paid by Sarah M. Eden

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Funny Moment with our Daughter

So the radio station we listen to in the morning has started playing Christmas music. This morning they were playing The Little Drummer Boy and it got to the chorus - "Pah-Rum-Pah-Pom-Pom." Katherine's eyes go real big.

She said "He even gets a Christmas song!"

Of course, I had no idea what she meant. So I asked who it was that got a Christmas song.

"Listen mom," she said, as it got to the chorus again, "Barak O-ba-ma. Barak O-ba-ma. Barak O-ba-ma."

I'm trying real hard not to laugh.

"I didn't know you got a Christmas song just for getting voted President," she said in obvious awe as she went back to her cereal. "That's the coolest part," she declared.

Too funny!!